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X + Y (2014)

Directed by - Morgan Matthews

Cast - Asa Butterfield, Jo Yang, Alex Lawther, Sally Hawkins, Rafe Spall, Eddie Marsan

Genre - Drama/Romance

Streaming On - Amazon Prime Video & Apple TV

(Available on the OTT platforms under the name - A Brilliant Young Mind)

"When somebody says they love you it means they see something in you they think is worth something... It adds value to you."

X + Y ? A very different name for a movie isn`t it? That is why it was released in the United States and many other countries as "A Brilliant Young Mind". X+Y is a British drama film revolving around the dramatized story of a real-life mathematical genius Daniel Lightwing, who suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder. The movie is about a socially awkward kid Naithen who is a mathematical genius. Naithen`s life takes a strong turn when he lands a spot on the British squad at the International Mathematics Olympiad where he finds new confidence and new friendships.

With a strong cast, this british drama plays with your heart like a puppet being controlled with strings. The movie has a soothing touch, which leaves you pondering over the film even after it has ended. It is a thought-provoking yet just above average film. While the performances are strong and potent, the stroyline fails,even though being a dramatized version of the story of a real person it seem a bit far fetched and unrealistic. Its a very well acted drama, profound and whole hearted in every way possible but with a feeble script and a very negative and ostentacious depiction of today`s teenagers.

While the critics found this movie upto the mark, The JTeam believe that it was a right minded and well acted drama that failed because it didn`t seem so real. And even though this might not matter in most movies, it surely does matter when its based on a real person! This is the only problem it has, that the movie seems too optimistic and isn`t pragmatic enough. With a cast such as the one this movie boasted you expect you just expect so much more from a movie. Nevertheless, all in all it is a watchable movie and would leave you hearfelt and satisfied.

JRating: 7/10

JRev: A Gratifying One Time Watch!

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