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RUN (2020)

Featured post by Ankita (@ankitaforever)

Director - Aneesh Chaganty

Cast - Sarah Paulson, Kiera Allen, Onalee Ames, Sara Sohn, Pat Healy

Genre - Thriller/Horror

Streaming On - Netflix

"You need me."

So, I jumped into this movie blind without watching the trailer or the cast. I had read a few reviews

that this movie was a good one but not a great one. Yes, this movie is a gripping and intensely psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge. It haunts me when the screen turns entirely black after our lead sees Chloe, I was like they are going to drop a bomb but the next scene was a subtle one.

The story is pretty good and at times it subverts your expectations. As the film proceeds, you will

start rooting for Chloe as she starts to dig into the mysteries of her mother`s past. There are

moments in the film which feels like the typical psychological movie and you have already guessed

what is coming next. Well, at least I did!

Sarah Paulson plays the role of Diana in this film and I had seen her on the poster of Ratched. She

and Kiera Allen do a pretty decent job in the movie. The ending was not very unexpected until the last scene where something is revealed that I wouldn’t spoil for you but I was satisfied with it. Now, this movie isn’t something that you are going to remember for a long time, it is okayish and a good one time watch.

JRating: 7.5/10

JRev: A forgetful psycho-thriller but entertaining and powerful!


Hey, I am Ankita and I have always been a big fan of television and movies. It was always Indian

movies and television for me until 2017 when some amazing Netflix shows started to catch my

attention and then there was no looking back! Mainly I started posting on my Instagram Handle because I launched my Youtube Channel where I talk about all sorts of movies, TV shows and web series I watch. Recently I and my friend have also started a podcast series called Real to Reel where we discuss real issues happening in the world and what movies and shows are made out of it!

Account Name: @ankitaforever

Country of residence: India

Start date: Started writing reviews in 2020

Why I started: I started my Youtube channel and Instagram because of the love I had for shows and expressing and discussing movies with fellow film reviewers is a great thing! Through this, I came across so many amazing accounts and people!

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