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TOP GUN (1986)

"I feel the need , the need for speed"

Top Gun, this action drama film directed by Tony Scott starring Tom Cruise, is a movie about the life of Naval Aviators who are chosen to be trained at the United States Navy's elite fighter weapons school i.e. Top Gun. This movie revolves around the life of a hot shot naval aviator Lt. Pete Mitchell call sign "Maverick" who is a gifted pilot but has internal conflicts affecting his life and the one`s who depend on him. The movie glorifies the bravery and bravado of the Naval Pilots and is an ode to their brotherhood and friendship.

The JTeam finds itself at a loss of words to review a classic like Top Gun, its not just a cinema classic rather its a cultural icon! The call signs "Ice Man"(Val Kilmer), "Goose"(Anthony Edwards), "Charlie" (Kelly McGills) and the most iconic of them all "Maverick"(Tom Cruise) have been enshrined. This adrenelaine pumping cinematic delight was released at the peak of Tom Cruise`s career is one of his greatest hit and probably the most iconic role played by him! This infinitely rewatchable movie, was a world wide blockbuster which left the viewers with dropped jaws. The dogfights made at a time when there was pretty much no CGI and every single scene made in the most iconic way possible make this movie one of the best movies that Hollywood has ever produced.

The critics though had a mixed reaction, major websites haven`t given it more than 7/10, but why? For technicalities that the movie missed? Because other than that there is no reason to give this crown jewel of a movie such a review. Yes, the movie fails on the technical basis, the aerial warfare shown in the movie is not exactly correct and so aviation experts might dislike the movie. But even if its not technically accurate, the dogfights seem flawless, the direction is perfect,the cinematography is breathing taking and the movie all in all is thrilling and pleasing. The one liners given in the perfect style, the blinding charisma of Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer and a killer soundtrack make this one of the most iconic movies of all time!

If you still have not watched this classic, now is the time! As a sequel to this 1986 classic will be released this year! Top Gun: Maverick was going to be released in June 2020, but due to the worldwide pandemic it might release by the end of this year or in 2021. Lets hope this sequel can do justice to the sensational original Top Gun, but no matter how great the sequel might be, one thing is still certain, that no movie can ever be as iconic as the 1986 Top Gun!

JRating: 10/10 (If only 100/10 was possible)

JReview: A movie that each and every person should watch in their lifetime!

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