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Featured post by Screen Across Worlds (SAW)

Director - Gina Prince-Bythewood

Cast - Charlize Theron, Kiki Layne, Matthias Schoenaerts, Marvan Kenzari

Genre - Action/Fantasy

Streaming On - Netflix

"Just because we keep living, doesn`t mean we stop hurting"

Four immortal warriors who are unable to die as they have the unique ability to heal themselves find that their secret has been exposed and must do all they can to resist capture while also taking in a new immortal into their group.

This movie starts off very promising, with a powerful premise and so much mystery, that the viewer is quickly drawn in and has huge expectations. One big highlight of this movie is Charlize Theron, who delivered a brilliant performance such that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her in every scene. She

was believable as the haunted immortal that she played, and I wished that the rest of the cast matched her energy. Another thing that I could applaud the movie for is the fight scenes and action sequences that were pretty decent!

While I agree that it seems to be a creative take in the superhero space, it was a little disappointing as this movie seemed to be discovering its identity along with the viewer through its flatline approach of storytelling and lack of charisma. I personally found some parts of the story writing limited, maybe

because I saw so many missed opportunities with the stories of the main characters. We have immortals who have lived for hundreds of years and all they managed to do to insulate themselves from attack or capture is to avoid taking jobs more than once. There was just so much more that could have been done. The story of the main character could have been explored much more so that we could have a big eureka moment towards answering the big question that shadowed the whole movie.

It is based on the comic book and that could have been the reason for the restrictive story writing, but it has so much more potential and groundwork has been laid for a mind-blowing follow-up. That said, I eagerly anticipate a sequel as it has so many exciting directions that it could take.

J-SAW Rating: 7/10

J-SAW Rev: An injustice to a powerful premise, but worth watching.


As this post is the 50th review to be posted on Movie Sizzlers, the JTeam decided to feature a post from one of our favourite accounts on Instagram; Screen Across Worlds (SAW). We connected with SAW through our Instagram Handle in the early days of our wesbite and SAW has been a constant companion and motivator to us! Do check out the Instagram Handle of SAW.

Account Name: @screenacrossworlds on Instagram and Facebook.

Country of residence: France

Start date: May 2020  Why I started: Being a true cinephile who appreciates movies and tv series from all over the world, I wanted to share my love for everything I see on screens with the world.

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Congratulations again on your 50th post and thanks for sharing this review in your site🔥❤️.

Keep sharing amazing reviews🙌🙌!

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