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Directed by - Michael Showalter

Cast - Kumail Nanjiani, Issa Rae, Anna Camp, Paul Sparks

Genre - Romance/Comedy

Streaming On - Netflix

"I didn`t know I was gonna get mouth f**ked by the dead sea"

The Lovebirds is a Netflix Original rom-com directed by Michael Showalter. The lovebirds revolves around a couple who get unintentionally embroiled in a bizarre murder as they dash away from a crime scene. To clear their names they have to solve the case and need to figure out how they and their relationship, can survive the night.

The lovebirds is a harmless entertainer. Its a loosely plotted rom-com, which Issa and Kumail save with their wholesome chemistry. Kumail with his spot on comic timing and Issa the hollywood darling with her magical natural acting, power this rom-com effortlessly, as if they were made for these roles! Its a feel good film which you can enjoy at any time! It doesn`t make you think a lot, it won`t challenge your intellect or keep you glued to your seats, it would just have you laughing all the time! So yes, as an irrelevant rom-com its a pretty watchable film!

Now, coming down to the specifics, yes, its a feel good film, but with a pretty lose plot. Even a 10 year old could make out that a lot of things just don`t add up or have been added just for the looks of it. It has average cinematography and as movie which involves murder it has pretty much no thrill. The movie would have failed on a massive scale, but Kumail and Issa`s stunning chemistry turn up as a life raft for this drowning film. Recommended for viewers who are looking for a no brainer rom-com with a tinge of action.

JRating: 6.5/10

JRev: A goofy rom-com. Short on plot, long on Chemistry. One time watch!

News Flash -

In this movie, Kumail Nanjiani is seen for the first time in his new buffed up avatar. The actor mostly known for his nerdy role in the popular sit-com 'Silicon Valley', has transformed his body over the past year to play swordsman Kingo Sunen in the upcoming Marvel movie 'The Eternals'.

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3 commentaires

story well explained, great


I agree, it’s a goofy one time watch!


Great review! This one could be worth a watch!!

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