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THE HOST (2013)

Directed by - Andrew Niccol

Cast - Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger, Max Irons, Jake Abel, Emily Browning

Genre - Sci-Fi/Romance

Streaming On - Amazon Prime Video

"You have always seen it as the enemy. It can feel the hate. It can only be captured by kindness, love."

The Host is a romantic cum sci-fi thriller adapted from Stephenie Meyer's 2008 novel of the same name. The movie starts in post-apocalytic time, where parasitic aliens have taken over the bodies of humans and have erased their memories. Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) must do everything she can to protect herself and her loved ones from being caught.

The Host is probably the only movie showcasing a post-apocalytpic world which is peaceful and not one that is at war with disgusting looking creatures. Its a one of a kind film, which is oozing with optimism and hope. The movie showcases that the aliens have made our world a perfect place and the cinematography is able to deliver it perfectly! From the furniture in the scenes to the colours used throughout the movie to depict everyday objects, all of them create this image of the perfect world right in front of you! While the thrill so to say is missing, the concept itself of the film is unique and extraordinary. The movie showcases in the most brilliant way, that how an evolved alien species without waging a war, in the most astonishing way controls the world just by controlling our mind. And if you think about it, if there`s probably any evolved alien species out there who has already taken over other planets! Then they probably wouldn`t go to war like shown in other movies but instead do something like this! The romance part of the film is shown in such a soothing and serene way. Its probably the only feel-good film based in a post-apocalyptic world!

Even after being so unique and the actors doing a commendable job, the movie was bashed by critics! The movie surely isn`t as good as the book and so the viewers who had read the book pointed out the many flaws that the movie had. The critics rained down hell on the film, calling it poorly scripted and dramatically ineffective. While the movie did have a weak script and did not use some of the amazing actors that they had at their disposal. That does not mean it failed as a film! Its still remains one of the most unique and satisfactory films.

JRating: 7.5/10

JReview: A Sure Shot One Time Watch!

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awesome way of explaining the content 👏...great work


Really insightful! Well written.

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