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TANGLED (2010)

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Tangled is an Animation cum Musical by Walt Disney. Broadly based on the fairy tale 'Rapunzel' by Brothers Grimm, the movie revolves around an innocent, naive, young girl locked up in a tower by her mother, who has kept her far away from the reality of the world. All that she dreams about is going outside of this castle, this movie takes a steep turn when Rapunzel runs away with a theif.

All in all, its a sweet movie, very well animated, a very colourful movie altogether. Its a family movie with stunning music peices, the movie has a certain charm even though its not the best work of Disney! The movie has sequences of thrill and excitement and the movie is no way just another princess movie.

Its not a classic Disney movie but the script and especially the animation is exquisite. Its a fun to watch film, and kids would love this movie! Adults don`t shy away, this movie can turn the gloomiest of days into positive ones, it will cheer you up, this is the power of this spectacular fairy tale with a tinge of Disney magic to make it the marvellous kids movie that it is.

JRating: 7/10

JRev: Children`s delight and surely a one time watch for all those above 13!

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