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Spenser Confidential is an action comedy film directed by Peter Berg. Based on the "Spenser for Hire" novels in which an ex-cop from Boston solves crimes, the film revolves around Spenser (played by Mark Walberg) an ex-convict, former Boston police officer who returns to Boston's criminal underworld to unravel a twisted murder conspiracy. Co starring in the movie are Winston Duke, Iliza Shlesinger, Post Malone and Alan Arkin.

The movie is basically a feel-good movie, with a tolerable script and mediocre direction. The movie even though average on the script and direction side is still enjoyable. With hilarious one liners, remarkable acting and a phenomenal soundtrack the movie turns out to be an easily watchable action-comedy. This no-brainer action movie moderately delivers the attempted buddy comedy, both Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke generate a sublime chemistry as two mismatched partners trying to solve a crime. This movie though clumsy on the action level feels like a rib-tickling self parody which all in all is an entertaining one time watch.

JRating: 6.5/10

JReview: A Pleasant One Time Watch.

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