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This movie is just as cliche as its name. The movie revolves around the recruiting of a Marine Sniper by a Federal Agent for the killing of Drug Kingpin in Columbia. The movie starts of with a plot showing the suicides of Marines, who pressed the trigger one to many times and once they retired their past caught up with them. But then that plot gets easily lost and we move on to the hunting of the drug kingpin, then the hunters start getting hunted and this goes on. The end is kind of predictable and the movie just isn`t gritty enough to capture the viewer`s attention.

The highlight of the movie is the opening scene, which is very well directed its all downhill after that. The cast consisting of Tom Berenger, Chad Michael Collins, Danay Garcia and Billy Zane do a good job, but the movie just lacks emotion. The action sequences are okayish and the movie lacks the storyline as well as the script, it seems like a mixutre of 3-4 action movies plots.

The movie is the seventh installent of Sony`s Sniper Franchise and it might not even be the best out these seven movies, let alone being compared to other classic sniper movies like American Sniper and Shooter. It turns out to be a below average film with an adequate yet predictable ending.

JRating: 5/10

JRev: We can find only two reasons for you to watch the movie:

1. If you have been watching the Sniper Series right from the first movie

2. For the Columbian beauties XD

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