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This movie is one of the most amazing psycological thrillers ever made! Martin Scorsese`s Shutter Island is based on a Dennis Lehane novel. The movie revolves around two detectives who go to an island which houses a prison mentally ill patients who are considered an absolute danger to the society, they are there to find a missing patient but they soon realize that something really mysterious is going on.

When the detectives reach there, the place reeks of unnatural phenomena and gives out sinister vibes. Every scene in this movie is important, every dialogue needs to be carefully listened too and some of you might even have to watch the movie again to actually understand it. This movie is exceptional in every aspect and Leonardo di Caprio does an exceptional job specially in the scenes showcasing the past interceding with the present. The supporting roles are played by Ben Kingsley, Mark Ruffalo and Emily Mortimer who add more shine to this jewel of a movie.

Every scene of this movie plays with your brain, it is a stunning work and by the end of the movie you would either be left utterly confused or would be in complete awe of the movie. Till the last scene of the movie, you can never make out what was actually going on. The elements; Fire and Water play a very important role in this movie, so look out for these two in the movie. You might think that the movie has some small goofs, but they aren`t, wait till the end as the movie unfolds piece by piece. All in all this movie leaves its users awestruck!

JRating: 9.5/10

JRev: If I had a bucket list, watching this movie would be on it!

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You do have a bucket list, Mr. Wadhawan! :p

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