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Directed by - James Mangold

Cast - Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Caitriona Balfe, Josh Lucas, John Bernthal

Genre - Action/Sports/Thriller

Streaming On - Disney + Hotstar

"There's a point at 7,000 RPM... where everything fades. The machine becomes weightless. Just disappears. And all that's left is a body moving through space and time. 7,000 RPM. That's where you meet it. You feel it coming. It creeps up on you, close in your ear. Asks you a question. The only question that matters. Who are you?"

Ford v Ferrari or also known as Le Mans '66 is a 2019 American racing film based on the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans race of 1966. The movie revolves around American automotive designer Carroll Shelby and the fearless British race car driver Ken Miles.vTogether, they plan to compete against the race cars of Enzo Ferrari and break their unbeaten streak at Le Mans. The movie showcases the struggle of both Shelby and Miles who battle corporate interference, the laws of physics and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary vehicle for the Ford Motor Co.

First things first. Are you a motor-head or a fan of movies like "Rush"? Then just skip the whole review and go watch this movie already!

For all of those who still need more motivation to watch this film, here we go. Ford v Ferrari is a gut-wrenching thriller based on the true story of the Le Mans race of '66. Mangold`s intricate direction mixed with equal parts of thrill and emotion make this film an absolute cinematic delight. The burning of rubber, the high voltage racing sequences and stupendous acting from both Christian Bale and Matt Damon make this Mangold`s best work. Christian Bale`s compelling enactment of Ken Miles, an egocentric British driver who is the best at what he does and Matt Damon`s fine enactment of Caroll Shelby a man who gives everything to the cause of Ford winning Le Mans, mixed with their high velocity bromance is absolutely breathtaking. The movie had just the right cast, just the right script and speaking in terms of cinematography its a total visual delight!

With the exception of some technicalities and dramatization of some of the events, the movie has no shortfalls. Its a gut-wrenching thriller with astounding action and just the perfect mix of drama, thrill, laughs and emotions. Its not just a film for adrenelaine junkies or motorheads, its an enjoyable film for all! The powerful performance of Christian Bale and Matt Damon, will keep you glued to your seats, will make you laugh and cry throughout the film. All in all its a film you just cannot miss! The movie is also a tribute to Ken Miles, the gifted driver who never got his share of credit for giving so much to the sport!

JRating: 9.5/10

JRev : An Absolute Cinematic Delight!

Trivia -

Ken Miles died the same year after the Le Mans '66 while testing a new race car. Ken Miles did get the credit and honour that he deserved for what he did for the sport, but he got it nearly 35 years after his death. He was added to the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in 2001.

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Captures the essence of the movie really well!

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