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Extraction is an Action-Thriller film directed by Sam Hargrave wtih screenplay by Joe Russo. This Chris Hemsworth starring action flik was one of the most anticipated action movies for this year but it fails to deliver on the hype. The story is set quite well in the starting, but when bullets start flying they don`t stop till the end of the movie. Till the mid of the movie, there`s just too much action and its not that well directed and nor is the cinematography upto standard. The action sequences between the hunks Randeep Hooda and Chris Hemsworth comes as a savior for the movie. And from there the movie starts picking up pace.

"A hardened mercenary's mission becomes a soul-searching race to survive" this all in all explains what happens later in the movie. As all peices fall in place, near the end of the movie, the action sequences become so much better, the thriller part starts to set in and the film does not seem like a mindless action film anymore. While the first hour of the movie is disappointing, the second half grabs the viewers attention. The action in the second half is well directed, the gory bloodbaths are a sight to behold and Chris Hemsworth shows that he is the king of the genre!

Golshifteh Farahanic, an Iranian actress comes as a delight in the movie and is captivating throughout the movie. The last scene of the movie with Golshifteh in it was probably the most the stylish, bold and sassy scene ever and was just the perfect way to end the movie! The only problem was that the high octane action of the movie was the only selling point it had.

JRating: 6.5/10

JRev: One Time Watch.

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Jul 02, 2020

Yeah, you can watch this one once for some good entertainment


A very accurate review for this deserving movie!


Yup agreed. A power packed action movie but fails a little bit in plot.

Overall good review ☺️


Honest and precise review!


A Good review

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