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Director - Doug Liman

Cast - Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, Charlotte Riley, Brendan Gleeson

Genre - Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller

Streaming On - Amazon Prime Video

"Battle is the Great Redeemer. It is the Fiery Crucible in which true heroes are forged. The one place where all men truly share the same rank, regardless of what kind of parasitic scum they were going in."

Edge of Tomorrow or more commonly known as LIVE. DIE. REPEAT : EDGE OF TOMORROW is a 2014 sci-fi cum action-thriller directed by Doug Liman, starring the dynamic duo of Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Edge of Tomorrow is based in a post-apocalyptic era, wherein an evolved alien species has taken over Europe and is moving towards worldwide domination. The fate of the world lies in the hand of Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) who is stuck in a time loop. Major Cage with the help of warrior Rita Vrataski has to save Earth and the human race from the wrath of the alien species.

Edge of Tomorrow is one of the best science fiction movies ever made. The script is mind boggling yet captivating, the action is breathtaking and the stunning duo of Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise leaves you awestruck. The CGI in the movie is stupefying, for the first time, not so human like aliens are shown which seem so unique and elegant which is quite different from any other such movie, which all show aliens as disgusting and slimy creatures. The stunning cinematography and soundtrack make this movie an absolute cinematic delight.

The character development of Major Cage from a coward to battle harderned warrior is shown in such a believeable and elegant way. The chemistry between Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise is sensational and surely has a big part to play in the success of this film! The movie is so thrilling, it keeps you glued to your seats till the very end. All in all its a movie high on adrenelaine and absolutely worth watching!

JRating: 9/10

JRev: A Phenomenal Film! Worth Watching!

News Flash -

Edge of Tomorrow 2 will start shooting in 2021 as soon as Tom Cruise finishes shooting for the next Mission Impossible. Doug Liman has also said yes to shoot a movie with Tom Cruise in space. This move came after Tom Cruise showed interest in shooting a film in space, the film even though will be shot only partially in space, will make Tom Cruise the first actor to ever shoot in space!

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