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Directed by - Michael Scott

Cast - Camila Mendes, Jamie Chung, Jessie T. Usher, Cam Gigandet, Sasha Alexander, Elliot Gould

Genre - Thriller

Streaming on - Netflix

"These things. You never know how it can change someone"

Dangerous Lies a Netflix Original Movie, is an American Thriller directed by Michael Scott. It revolves around a caregiver (Camila Mendes) who is drawn into a web of lies and murder after a wealthy elderly man who is under her care dies and leaves his estate to her. Her new found wealth comes with a ton load of problems for her and her husband! To survive she must question everything and everyone she knows.

This Thriller, slowly and steadily builds up and is able to get your undivided attention. The cinematography and the soundtrack does the trick for this shady erotic thriller. The movie really builds up the suspense upto the first half and it creeps upto a bone chilling level. But just as an hour of the movie passes, you start realizing that some peices just don`t simply click together and then in the last 10-20 minuters they desperately try to join these mislaid pieces to the story line and try to give them significance as if trying to join two puzzle peices that just simply don`t fit.

The movie had so much potential, the first one hour keeps you practically glued to the screen but then the whole suspense just fades away. The surprise can be seen coming from a mile away and the movie just loses its aura. There`s enough intrigue and fascinating sequences to make it a watchable movie, all in all it turns out to be a pacy but reckless thriller. A movie such as this could never do well on the big screen, but being a Netflix Original, it is gripping enough in the starting and entertaining enough later to be a hasty thriller that you can watch atleast once!

JRating: 6.5 /10

JRev: A Reckless Thriller. Nevertheless a One Time Watch!

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