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Black Hawk Down is an American war film produced and directed by Ridley Scott. The movie is based on the raid by the US Army Rangers in Mogadishu to catch the top two lieutanants of a Somali warlord. The movie realistically remakes the raid which turned into a complete disaster and is an ode to the men in uniform facing horrfying and gut-wrenching odds right in the face of the enemy.

This movie is a fast paced journey though blood and guts and probably one of the action movies with perfectly portrayed and believeable action. With tight direction, slick cinematography, gruesome scenes, pretty amazing visual effects and the perfect soundtrack; This movie goes into the hall of fame of War Movies. Any movie based on an actual story, specially one`s about missions that went wrong and involve the death of soldiers are hard to get right as you need to find the right mix of fiction and reality to showcase in the film. But Black Hawk Down does the impossible, even though many such movies have mixed reviews from the viewers, this movie did not. Even after having scenes which could make you puke or action sequences which make you jump on the seats, the viewers were in awe of this movie. While some might consider it as "war porn", the movie actually is a chaotic yet captivating account of the Mogadishu raid.

Black Hawk Down is the perfect representation of war with all its urban complexities, where you aren`t fighting a force wearing a uniform, instead you face armed vagabonds mixed in the civilian population and you are fighting in a place so hostile, that if you get cornered the whole city would turn against you. The movie imparts the horrors of war in the most coherent yet horrifying way. Black Hawk Down is movie that you just cannot miss, you don`t have to be an adrenelaine junkie or an action movie fanatic, this horrfying cinematic delight is for all adults to feast their eyes on.

JRating: 9/10

JReview: An Unforgettable Movie! Must Watch!

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