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Birds of Prey is DC`s eight film in its extended superhero franchise. The movie is based post Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn ( Margot Robbie) has just broken up with The Joker (Jared Leto) and her life is already in a downspin when old trouble coming knocking on her door. The movie is a package of maddening action, with Joker not by her side Harley seems like an easy target, so all of her enemies are back to take revenge. On the run from her enemies she makes new friends and this movie turns from a solo superhero film into more of a female version of Justice League.

Harley is equal parts of superhero and supervillan, this movie is not just another superhero movie. Its a funny movie with enjoyable action. In this DC masterpiece Harley turns into a villan that we just love to hate. In Suicide Squad, Deadshot and Harley made the most impact on the viewers, they are these imperfect villans who you hate and love at the same time, they seem so different yet so relateable and the same is the case in this movie. And this is what makes this movie better than most movies by DC.

Without "Mr. J" on her side, Harley is shown in full stride with her wit and anger blowing away the viewers mind. The action is undescribeable, as some might call it "delightfully violent". Margot Robbie fits perfectly into the role and would be remembered as the DC`s supervillan. This movie might have failed on the box office, but the only reason for that is the Covid-19 Outbreak or else this movie is so much better than other DC Superhero movies like Justice League or Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. In this movie, DC has also tried to push for female empowerment with most supporting cast as well as lead role being played by a female. This is surely not DC`s best work in the superhero arena but its still worth watching. But the movie is filled with bloodbaths, gory language and lots and lots of bone cracking action, so please keep your kids away from this movie.

JRating: 7/10

JRev: Worth Watching! A delight for superhero fans!

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