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BIRD BOX (2018)

Bird Box is a Netflix Exclusive post apocalyptic thriller based on a novel by Josh Malerman. Directed by Susanne Bier the movie has a star studded cast equivalent of a cosmos with Sandra Bullock in the lead role along with Sarah Paulson, Trevante Rhodes and John Malkovich in supporting roles. This gripping thriller did not seem to make the cut for most critics, but the JTeam diasgrees. While most critcs find this movie disappointing and believe that it could have been more intruiging, I believe it was a different movie and quite successful in setting the mood as well as keeping the viewers glued to the movie. The CGI used and the sound effects helped in setting the mood and in maintaing an intense atmosphere in the movie.

The only downfall of this movie is the super high expectations from such a cast. The cast could have been used in a better way and add more charm to the movie. At some instances the movie becomes really gripping and then it loses the tension that it had just created. The movie`s brillance fades as it advances, the movie was no doubt worth watching and with a very different idea but with such a cast at hand more could have had been done with the movie and who knows with just 3-4 more touches it could have turned into an absolute cinematic delight.

Overall the movie is gripping and crisp and surely worth watching. A lot more was expected from such a movie but nonetheless its a good watch. The movie in the end turned out to be an absoulte Internet breaking horror phenomenon that gripped its users with a new idea for horror accompanied with a tinge of bone-chilling cinematography.

JRating: 7.5/10

JRev: Absolutely Worth Watching!

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