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You don`t appreciate the art of a good genre-plot until you see one pulled off this poorly.

This one line basically gives the gist of the whole movie. 6 Underground is a thriller action film directed by Michael Bay. It has an amazing cast consisting of Ryan Reynolds, Melanie Laurent, Ben Hardy and Adria Arjona. And many critics actually liked the story. That`s it.

Coming down to what it really was; A Headache. The story is random, it is made as if its a psycological thriller but it isn`t. Its just a basic action thriller with lots and lots of explosions, bullets, crashing cars and what not. But there`s just isn`t a good plot. Some viewers found it profound and this movie is made for those and those viewers only. So if you want a movie, with a random story and filled with action, 6 Underground is the perfect movie to watch. But if you need a teeny tiny amount of plot in your movie, then JTeam would recommend that you do not watch this film.The Cast did a good job, the CGI was amazing and so was the action, but this all combined can`t save a movie which has no plot.

JRating: 4.5/10

JRev: The opening line of the review says it all.

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