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13 HOURS (2016)

13 HOURS: THE SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI or as its simply known; 13 HOURS is an action cum thriller film produced and directed by Michael Bay. It is one of Bay`s best work and the story is based on Mitchell Zuckoff`s book which in turn is based on actual events. In the movie, a security team consisting of ex-military operators fight to defend an American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, against a wave of terrorist attacks. A big surprise in the movie is John Krasinski who plays the role Jack Silva and is part of the security team, John is mostly known for his role in the sitcom 'The Office' and here his role is in total contrast.

While most critics considered the movie apolitical even though the topic was highly political and thought of it as an endless video game. One such review even called out the movie for being mere 'War Porn'. And well JTeam couldn`t disagree more. This is an out and out action cum thriller film with out of this world cinematography and action sequences that seem so real. The movie can illustrate the fear of impending doom in peoples mind in near perfect manner. Bay draws this movie like a picture and portrays emotions together with action so cleanly and sharply. The movie engulfs its viewers and missing even a single scene seems like a sin. Only some action films based on real events can be pulled off so beautifully. Even though later some CIA sources called the movie inaccurate, but the movie isn`t a documentary, so I belive there`s nothing wrong if its a bit inaccurate. Its a long film, but oh! its worth it! Do watch it, this bone chilling thriller would never disappoint.

JRating: 8/10

JRev: Captivating and Thrilling! Its a must watch!

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