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JOKER (2019)

Joker is an American psycological thriller produced and directed by Todd Philips. The film is based on the DC Comics character and the movie is the origin story for The Joker. With Joaquin Phoenix as Joker this drama is a dark and brutal story of a man`s gut-wrenching journey to self destruction.

The movie is dark, brutal, gritty and very disturbing. The movie is a master stroke in every aspect, the cinematography is exceptional, the sound and set design binds you to the journey and leaves you fully engulfed. The flawless narration, script and the acting make it one of the most critically acclaimed movie. It is second to none on being a very disturbing movie and yet having no disgusting blood spatter or any such terrorizing scenes. The script is so strong and atypical that the movie does not need to use any such brutal imagery to brandish its dark nature.

The movie can`t be called an enjoyable film as its dark and not in the superhero way, it showcases real-world problems. It deals with issues in regard to mental health, the corrupt corporate world and loneliness. It is not otherworldly like being bitten by a radioactive spider or belonging from a parallel universe and this aspect of not being otherworldly is what makes this movie so exceptional and exquisite. All in all The JTeam feels that its an honour for us to write a review for such a movie.

Words fall short for a movie such as this.

JRating: 10/10


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