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David Fincher`s Fight Club is a classic, with amazing screenplay, excellent script, exasprating acting, exceptional directing and probably the plot twist of the century! As the JTeam likes to call it, this movie is an absolute Cinematic Delight. It shows the downside of the captialistic lifestyle and sheds light about how hollow and aimless the life of our generation has become.

The movie still holds meaning even in today`s society. It is a violently disturbing masterpiece! Brad Pitt and Edward Norton play their rock solid roles effortlessly as if they were born to play these roles, in addition Helena Carter, Jared Leto and Zach Grenier play their supporting roles with absolute class and add more shine to the movie. The movie is a complete package with humor, violence, action, satire and an unexpected plot twist that brings the viewers to their knees.

JRating: 9.5/10

JRev: An absolute masterpiece, worth every minute of your time!

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