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Bloodshot is a sci-fi cum action movie which is more of a wannabe sci-fi movie. The movie is action packed, is okay to watch and has lots of well directed action sequences as well as sci-fi scenes. The movie is based on a comic with the same name, all in all it turns out to be a stereotypical comic based action/sci-fi movie.

Vin Diesel does a decent job trying to revive this movie but the movie lacks the storyline and is not able to catch the viewer`s attention. To make the matter worse, the storyline is quite similar to the movie Robocop (1987). If anyone has watched Robocop, Bloodshot would seem like a cheap copy with better animation and graphics but in no way can it match the effect Robocop had on its viewers.

JRating : 6/10

JRev: For Action and Sci-fi junkies its a one time watch

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